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NSS Model M-1"Pig" Portable Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

Price: $1,714.00
Item Number: NS1001042
Manufacturer: NSS (National Super Service)
NSS Model M-1"Pig" Portable Commercial Vacuum Cleaner
NOTE: Hose and attachments sold seperatly.

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The NSS Model M-1 "Pig" vacuum cleaner is a powerhouse commercial machine that cleans better and faster than uprights. Loyal users call it the "Pig" because it loves dirt. Smart maintenance professionals use the "Pig" because it's the longest-lasting, most versatile portable vacuum available.

  • Ideal for all applications: hard floors, carpets, furniture, fixtures and drapes.
  • Lightweight wand reaches up to 25 ft. overhead to clean areas other vacuums can't - vents, beams and even ceilings and skylights.
  • 12,000-hour NSS Model M-1 motor is specifically designed for continuous-duty commercial cleaning and extra long service life.
  • Four-pound wand is less than half the weight per stroke of even the smallest upright, letting you vacuum faster and longer with less fatigue.
  • Oversized, heavy-duty cast-aluminum fan produces up to 50% more suction than typical uprights.
  • Exclusive "scrap trap" gobbles up coins, paper clips, nuts and bolts better than any upright.
  • Large capacity, 48-quart dry filter bag holds up to five times more than a standard upright to permit extended use.
  • Wide variety of tools, wands and hoses available.
  • Warranty: Seven years; 10 years tools.



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